Dangerous Creatures Of The Forest

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Dangerous Creatures Of The Forest

Post by seer on Tue Jan 17, 2017 5:10 pm

Dangerous Creatures Of The Forest

This is a list of the dangerous creatures or items that are located within the forest or the mist, as well as a brief explanation of how the creature or item looks, what areas it frequents, the damage they inflict, and as well as a status ranking on how dangerous they creature or item is. More creatures will be encountered the longer the roleplay continues, as more species will be encountered.

The Mist; the Mist is a mysterious barrier that encircles the entire forest and prevents any human from escaping. It rises several hundred feet up into the air, and it is several miles wide. The Mist itself it acidic and highly dangerous; even going close to the strange fog can cause horrific burns, respiratory issues, blindness, and madness. What lies within the Mist in unknown and entering the Mist is certain death.
STATUS; highly dangerous; death in inevitable when you come into contact with the Mist.

The Mapere; The Mapere are a bizarre species of mutated, wolf-like creatures whom often travel in packs when they venture out. They are massive,muscular creatures that come up to near chest height on humans, and they nearly out-weigh most humans. They live within the depths of the Mist, so more information of their hunting and aggression habits are unknown due to how rare it is to encounter them. Their bites often carry risk of infection, and they are known to carry a mysterious disease that ravages the human body.
STATUS; highly dangerous.

Foxglove Snakes; A unusual species of small, pink snakes with flecks of purple in their scales. They usually frequent dark, warm areas and are only aggressive when purposely aggravated and their venom is highly toxic and difficult to treat. Bites from a Foxglove Snake results in swelling of the inflicted area, short term memory loss, frothing at the mouth, nose, and eyes, cardiac arrest, and eventual death if the venom is now expelled quickly enough from the system,
STATUS: dangerous.

Swamp Snakes; A rather common species of large, powerful dark brown snakes that have diamond back patterns on their scales. They frequent wet, river or stream riddled areas, and are only moderately aggressive. The venom from their bites is dangerous and painful, but easily treatable with a variety of herbs that grow in the forest. Bites from a Swamp Snake results in swelling, severe pain in the area, rotting flesh, and can death can occur if the bite is not treated and the venom expelled.
STATUS: moderately dangerous.

Swooping Ravens; Swooping Ravens are named so due to their large shape, dark coloration, and violet eyes. They usually travel in large flocks and habit any part of the forest so long as there is a steady food supply. They are aggressive creatures, and often divebomb any animal in their path- including humans. They usually tend to attack the face, and have been known to blind or disfigure creatures unfortunate enough to wander into their line of sight.
STATUS: moderately dangerous; extremely dangerous if they attack in a large flock.

Wrenhyn: A hyena-like dog creature, with a sloping back, long legs, and a large head. They have coarse, shaggy brown fur that's flecked with hints of gold and russet and dark circles under their eyes. They frequent all areas of the forest, and usually travel in duos or trios, and are for the most part fairly friendly. They are skittish around large groups of humans, and tend to avoid fighting unless aggravated. Wrenhyn can also be tamed with extreme training.
STATUS; only dangerous if provoked.

Most of the dangers on this list are rarely encountered, but when they are it usually entails a battle scene. If you have questions or suggestions for this list, then feel free myself or any other staff members!

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