Healing Herbs

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Healing Herbs

Post by seer on Thu Jan 12, 2017 11:30 pm

Here is a list of all known herbs in the Forest that possess healing or pain relieving abilities. Healers can check this page to see what all medical properties these plants offer so they can use them properly in Role-Play.

Abscess Root; reduces fever, inflammation,and cough.. (tall, spindly flowers with a pale purple hue.)
Aloe Vera; heals burns, wounds, and irritated skin. (small bush with thick, solid prongs.)

Bitter Orange; helps treat nausea, indigestion, and constipation. (citrus tree)
Black Cohosh; used to help arthritis, muscle pain, and menstruation-related pains. (tall weed-like plant that sprouts small white flowers.)
Burdock; helps with low blood sugar issues, treats sore throats and symptoms of the common cold. (spiky, white and purple flowers.)

Chamomille; helps with sleeplessness, anxiety, upset stomach, and gas. (thick, weedy bush that sports small white flowers with yellow centers.)
Clove; can be used to treat upset stomach, as well as toothaches. (leafy plant that produces red, miniature tulips.)
Comfrey; can reduce inflammation and help heal open wounds. (small bush with thick leaves and small, drooping purple flowers.)

Dandelion; can help treat kidney and spleen issues. (yellow flower that eventually turns white.)

Elderberry; berries and leaves can treat pain, swelling, infections, coughs, skin issues, the Flu, the Cold, fevers, and sinus infections. (thick, leafy bush that sports numerous white flowers.)
Evening Primrose; can treat skin issues and can be used as an anti-inflammatory. (tall, bristly plant that sports yellow, bell-shaped flowers.)

Feverfew; can be used to treat fevers, headaches, toothaches, and insect bites. (small, thick bush with white flowers.)
Flaxseed; used primarily as a laxative, but can help with arthritis. (tall, near leaf-less plant with blue flowers.)

Garlic; can be used as a antibiotic. (low to the ground sprout that can be dug up to reveal garlic cloves.)
Ginger; helps relieve nausea. (tall, thin-leaved plant with orange and yellow buds.)
Goldenseal; can help sooth ulcers. (tall, fern-like plant that usually has five leaves and a yellow or red flower.)

Horse Chestnut; can be used variously to treat common afflictions. (long plant with six leaves and several pink and red flowers.)
Horsetail; stops bleeding, heals ulcers and wounds, and can even treat tuberculosis. (short, sticky green plant with outward bristles.)

Lavender; can help with mental state or shock. (short green grass-like plant with beautiful purple blossoms.)
Lemon; treats sore throats. (small yellow fruit that's bitter to the tongue.)
Licorice Root; treats stomach ulcers, bronchitis, sore throats, and infections caused by viruses. (tall, sprout-like plant with several leaves and pale purple flowers.)

Marigold; prevents infections in open wounds and soothes skin. (short, thick, waxy plant with a large yellow flower.)
Marsh-Mallow; can act as food and treat various aliments. (thin, wispy plant with several star-shaped flowers and pink flowers.)

Opium Poppy; used for pain relief or sedative. (short, thick plant with a large white and red flower.)

Peppermint; can help nausea, indigestion, and cold symptoms. (small, dense bush with large, waxy leaves.)
Purple Coneflower; treats infections and wounds. (tall plant with a large red flower.)

Thyme; used to treat bronchitis and cough; can help with shock. (thickly sprouted tall green plant with white flowers.)

Valerian; helps with sleep disorders and anxiety. (small, closely-grown white and pink flowers.)
Veronica; used for sinus and ear infections. (tall, thin plant with three hairy leaves and tiny white blossoms.)

Wafer Ash Root Bark; helps digestive issues. (Tall tree with large, waxy leaves.)
Water Dropwort; seeds can help cough, intestinal gas, and water retention. (Small dark seeds with a oval shape.)
Water Hemlock; extremely poisonous, but in small doses can help with pain. (description).

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