Alpha Application - Tarot Jace

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Alpha Application - Tarot Jace

Post by Tarot on Fri Jan 13, 2017 4:43 pm

Username: Tarot
Character Name: Tarot Jace
Gender: female
Description: Tarot is about 5'6", with an extremely taut body besides her thighs and butt, which are thick, but still muscular. Her skin is very pale with a yellowish glow. Her dyed blood red hair is about 2 inches above her shoulder, and she has bangs. She has a long nose and thick eyebrows and blue eyes.
Photo (Not Necessary): Minus the piercing.
Personality: Tarot is very flirtatious. She seems like hoe a majority of the time, and will flirt with literally anyone. She enjoys the reaction. When not given the reaction, she pesters the person until they do react. When getting to know her, she is very loving and caring towards her friends, and will do anything to protect them. One thing she hates more than anything is when someone hurts someone she cares fore. Another thing she hates is when her hair is touched/ruined.
Why do you believe you are fit for this position?

  • Tarot - Tarot is very level headed in serious situations. Although she seems very well-kept, she has many valuable survival skills and has a motherly-vibe when it comes to caring for other
  • Me - I have experience with leadership positions in forums, and would like to take as much part in this as possible.

Will you be active? As active as I can be Smile


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