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Official Rules

Post by seer on Thu Jan 12, 2017 9:30 pm


Welcome to Wanderers of The Wild, we hope you enjoy your time here!  Make sure to thoroughly read these rules as they are very important- they are created with the intent to help you enjoy your time on this site to the fullest. Always keep these rules in mind as they are the "Golden Rules" and breaking them will always warrant a punishment- the severity of said punishment depends upon the magnitude of the rule-breaking.

Be kind to other members:  Even if you cannot stand a member, please refrain from saying so or taking action against them; being kind to them always prevents less problems for everyone.
Minor swearing is allowed: Keep it classy everyone; you do not need to swear every two words to get your point across.
Only one account per member: This is a major rule; you may have multiple characters but having multiple accounts under one address will result in a permanent ban.
Do not give out personal information/account information: This is just common sense- you don't want other members finding out personal aspects of your life due to the fact that you mentioned your last name/address on the internet.
Only Role-Play with your approved characters: Role-Playing with characters other than your approved characters often makes things confused and messy- make sure to check out the character creation topic before you post!
Do not double-post on Role-Playing topics: Double posting on Role-Play topics clogs the topic and often makes it hard for others to catch up; do not do this.
Double posting in non Role-Playing topics is allowed in minute doses.
No spamming: Members who continuously spam will receive a temporary ban, but if they continue after the ban, then they will be permanently banned.
Do not join just to join: Join the site to have fun! Participate in the site as much as you can.
No extreme gore/sexual content is allowed: This is an important one as well; not all members are going to be the same age as you or be as comfortable with certain aspects as you are, so always make sure to keep it light on gore, and refrain from sexual content entirely.
Do not threaten/harass other members: This is also an important one; if it is discovered that you are harassing/ threatening another member you will be permanently banned from the site.
Do not attempt to circumvent/twist the rules: this will not help you in any situation what so ever.

These rules will be enforced 24/7 throughout the site; always keep these in mind whenever posting or interacting with other members. If you have any questions about the rules always make sure to PM the Staff and we will happily answer any questions!

-Seer & Staff

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